Cellulose Baskets

Also available in leather

These innovative baskets are 100% Made in Italy and have been designed to contain any type of product and are also suitable for food because they are washable at 30°.

Are made in cellulose fiber which is a processed paper but but is really different from common paper. For example it's washable and very resistant, it seems almost leather. By the way there's a line of baskets made of processed leather.

From paper one of a few things that remain is that the baskets are recyclable, they are made from recycled and totally regenerated material.

Available collections are Forma, elegant, vintage trasformable, in cellulose fiber and canvas stone washable in a washing machine at 30° and Dandy a remarkable combination of two cutting-edge materials: cellulose fiber and microfibre. A line of multi-purpose containers, unique, elegant and inimitable. Timeless eco-chic! Machine washable at 30°.

Then there's Casa much larger containers than the baskets. Looks like leather but in reality it's cellulose fiber. Comfortable multi-purpose containers, elegant and very resistant. Frequent use will make them even more beautiful. As baskets come in different sizes.

Another innovative collection is In+Shape baskets made of regenerated fiber: a ductile material, durable and washable. By manipulating it, you can create reusable containers of diverse shapes. Such as leather, regenerated fiber can be washed with soap and water, and its original color tends to veer with the sunlight. The imperfections of the material resulting from the complex working of leather give the product more value enhancing the uniqueness of the article, both useful and environmentally friendly. These containers have a removable plastic bag inside.