Cushion cover "Buttons"

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Cushion cover 100% linen.

The precious pearl buttons are able to unify different elements - more runners or runner with tablecloth - or different collections and colors for endless custom mixes.

The product is 100% natural and is immediately appreciated by the market thanks to their environmental sustainability and to the employ of natural fabrics. The tablecloth doesn’t need to be ironed and is dyed-in-chief with hypoallergenic dyes.

Sale (salt) and Pepe (pepper) are natural linen colors.

If you would like to choose a particular color from our color chart please put the color code and name into the note box during the checkout!

The indicated price is for 2 cushion covers.

Additional information:

  • All our sizes are in centimeters
  • Top italian hand-made quality
  • Amazing decor for your home

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