Deboning Knife

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A medium length of the blade is perfect for dividing meat from the bone. 
It's mostly used by butchers, but is very useful also in your home kitchen, for meats like chicken or game. 
It's classic use at home is for prosciutto crudo, to separate the bones from the flesh. 
It's one of the kitchen knives that can be sharpened with a blade looking down as a dagger.

Total length 31 cm, blade 16,5 cm.


The handle is in Olive wood, not black, as in the image.

Amazing knives, a combination of traditional Tuscan beauty and durability. Sharp forged steel is combined with wooden handle made from Italian olive trees to create a resistant and charming rustic set.

Additional information:

  • All our sizes are in centimeters
  • Top italian hand-made quality
  • Amazing decor for your home
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